WHAT WE OFFER AS Post-award Services

We ensure your Project to run smoothly, successfully and safely

The financial and administrative management of a project and its Grant Agreement can be complex and the solution to a doubt or an administrative issue is not always easy. Regardless of the experience and knowledge of the staff assigned to this task (administration, personnel department, finance officer, project officer, legal department), it is often useful to resort to an external opinion, offered by an expert who deals with the problems related to the management of grants on a daily basis, and who can boast experience of countless different cases with other grant recipients.

Support ranges from cost eligibility issues (e.g. staff eligibility, personnel cost calculation, subcontracting, financial support to third parties, travels, equipment, goods & services, internal invoicing, etc), to non-financial rules from the GA, up to issues related to the management of the Consortium Agreement, project management, and use of the Participant Portal.

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