WHAT WE OFFER AS Pre-award Services

We support your efforts to succeed in obtaining EU funds

Accessing the benefits of direct funding from the European Commission is an ambition nurtured by many organizations. However, only a few manage to enter the “club of beneficiaries”, and even fewer manage to make this opportunity a structural benefit in the pursuit of their institutional mission.

Despite the EC’s effort to increasingly widen the number of beneficiaries, in reality, there is a significant barrier to the entry of new beneficiaries. And once the first experience has been gained, it is still difficult to remain in the club and to benefit from the funds in the long run. In fact, the long-term benefits depend on the definition of a correct strategic approach to European funds, and on the definition of an institutional strategy in line with the objectives of the Union.

For these reasons, we offer a wide range of services aimed at correctly setting up your “European strategy”, from the first grant matching, to support in the drafting of competitive proposals, capable of competing for obtaining funds.

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