No wind is favorable for the sailor who does not know which port he wants to land at (Seneca)

This simple sentence contains the meaning of our strategic consultancy service for the definition of your EU funds strategy and the action plan.
Participating in European programs should be based on a solid strategy and action plan that is realistic, feasible, accurate, and efficient in order to avoid a wasteful chase for funding.

If not approached correctly, your participation in European programs can be impossible, if not counterproductive. It is necessary to understand if you have the minimum requirements, not only formal, but also substantial so that the efforts aimed at obtaining funding are not in vain, or superior to the benefits that can be obtained.


Strategy and Funding Opportunities service is a broad orientation service aiming at setting up your overall approach to EU funds in the most effective way.

It is our recommended first step for any organization approaching this type of funding for the first time.

By understanding the needs and potential of the future beneficiary, we will build together a customized strategy, define a possible action plan, and evaluate the costs and benefits of starting your journey.

Normally, this service also includes a preliminary analysis of the potential market of the opportunities offered by the many European programs (grant matching).

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