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You are preparing a proposal to submit in response to a Call for Proposals which will expire soon.

Your proposal is already at a very advanced stage of preparation (90%), you believe it is already well structured and complete, but you would still like an expert eye to evaluate it in order to identify possible deficiencies, errors, and inconsistencies so that you can intervene as soon as possible, correct them, and increase the chances of your proposal being selected for funding.


The proposal review is a comprehensive review of your proposal (part B, and extensions, if any) conducted by a senior expert familiar with awarded project proposals, therefore aware of the qualities and components common to all funded proposals. The expert will be able to highlight from the most obvious gaps to the minor – yet significant – weaknesses, and propose those improvements and additions needed to make the proposal even more competitive and with a better chance of success.

Normally, a review should not be conducted before the draft proposal is complete in each part, and no later than 10 days before the call deadline. The review is delivered within max. 4 working days of submitting the proposal the the expert reviewer.

The service outputs are:

  • the Proposal Review Report (PRR), including the main comments/remarks and recommendations (.pdf);
  • the Reviewed Version of the proposal, including recommended changes and comments (.doc).

The service includes – upon request – a follow-up call with the expert reviewer (1-hour maximum) to receive possible clarifications about the findings of the review.

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