Preparing a project proposal can be complicated. Your idea is excellent and worthy of funding, but you think you need specialized support to turn your idea into a well-written, comprehensive proposal that not only passes the quality threshold but scores high enough for funding.

You are looking for an expert who can help you:

  • ensuring your idea matches with the Call and the Work Programme
  • selecting the most important information to be included in the proposal
  • guiding you on how to place it in the correct section of the application form
  • developing some specific parts in which you feel unfamiliar (e.g. Research Data Management, Open Science, Gender Dimension, Do-Not-Significant-Harm principle, Impacts, Outcomes, Plan for exploitation, Dissemination, and Communication)
  • advising you on how to allocate and distribute the estimated budget
  • considering the preliminary aspects of the Consortium/Partnership Agreement.


Proposal Writing Coaching is a customized support scheme that allows the researcher, or the writing team, to be supported step by step by a senior expert (coach) who accompanies the preparation of the proposal throughout the entire process, up to the time of submission.

The expert will help you start off on the right foot in developing the project idea and in its first draft, prevent common mistakes in proposal writing, understand how to describe the idea appropriately, and how to fill in the proposal parts that are less familiar to you.

Support can begin at any stage of proposal development, from the most embryonic (recommended), or from a stage in which a first draft of the proposal has already been developed.

Through a series of meetings with the expert (in presence, or online), and using specially developed tools and methodologies (e.g. commented templates, tools for guided extraction of the information necessary for compiling specific parts of the proposal), and by a number of full reviews of the whole proposal, we will progressively reach together to the best proposal possible, ready for submission.

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