Let’s dispel a myth. No one can replace you in the onerous task of writing the proposal’s most technical and significantly innovative aspects. You hold the key to the innovation, and no one else – however expert they may be in your field and discipline – can describe your idea in a more incisive and detailed way.

However, there are parts of a proposal that are not related to excellent science, technology, or innovation, which are not the “project” itself, yet are equally important for the quality of the overall proposal.

These parts (typically Research Data Management & Open Science, Gender Dimension, Do-No-Significant-Harm principle, Impacts & Outcomes, Exploitation, Dissemination, and Communication) would force you to leave your “comfort zone” and poorly invest your time, ultimately achieving a result that is probably not sufficiently good.

You need an expert to take responsibility for these parts of the proposal, and you are available to contribute to the drafting by providing your knowledge of the sector, the subject, and the socio-economic context of reference.


The Proposal Writing Service allows you to outsource the writing of specific parts of the proposal, particularly those where you feel least prepared and most distant from your experience, but which are equally important for the overall excellence of the proposal. An expert will draft these sections for you, based on an independent study of the state of the art in the subject of the Call, European sector policies, and the possible socio-economic aspects of your project’s results. The expert’s work will also require your input, which will be provided through one or more interviews to enrich the information already collected and ensure these parts of the proposal are fully consistent with the project and the sections you have developed.

The Proposal Writing Service may cover a limited number of parts/sections of the proposal, namely:

  • Impact section (partially or entirely)
  • Outcomes & Impacts
  • Dissemination, Communication, Exploitation
  • Research Data Management & Open Science
  • Financial Support to Third Parties
  • Drafting of Consortium Agreement or Partnership Agreement (MSCA)
  • Preparation of an eligible estimated budget

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