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During our ten years of experience in training researchers, principal investigators, and project managers, we have found that one element is common to all these profiles when it comes to presenting a project proposal: a substantial uncertainty in how to methodologically address the issue of the expected “Impact” of the project.

The new 2021-2027 programming period has adopted an approach strongly oriented toward achieving a significant social, economic, scientific, and market impact. However, the person in charge of writing a proposal is usually an expert in the subject matter of the project, and often the Impact section of the application form remains a blank page.

These experts in technical and scientific knowledge require specific training to understand the concept of Impact and Outcomes and the relationship with the communication, dissemination, and exploitation activities of the project results.


Our 1-day (or 2-day) seminar on the “Impact” allows participants to “unlock” their capacity to design and write a solid Impact section in Horizon Europe proposals.

In our experience, once a number of basic notions have been clarified and understood—such as the definitions of Key Exploitable Results (KER), Outcomes, Impact, and the fundamental link between KERs and USE—participants are finally able to “see” their project’s Pathway towards Impact, the project’s outcomes, and the contribution to the expected impact, including the Exploitation, Dissemination, and Communication activities which are fundamental for the Impact to take place.

Our seminars on the Impact remove the veil of uncertainty that characterizes this section of an EC application form, allowing the proposal writer to address it in an informed and comprehensive way.

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