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From January 2021 to December 2022, 29,628 proposals were submitted under Horizon Europe, including all sub-programmes, of which 9,139 were RIA/IA/CSA, with a success rate between 13% and 24% in Pillar 2 Global Challenges and European Industrial Leadership.

The low success rate demonstrates how competitive calls for proposals of collaborative projects are.

The success of a proposal in this area does not depend solely on the excellence of the idea of research and innovation. Even the best research teams, in Europe and around the world, encounter significant difficulties when it comes to converting a research idea into an excellent project proposal. In fact, the success of the proposal lies in all its components, with equal weight: the description of the impact and the expected outcomes (in an “Impact driven” program such as Horizon Europe) and in compliance with the specifications of the Destination and the Topic, the quality of the foreseen work plan and the efficiency of the estimated expenditure.

Your Organization intends to increase its participation in the Horizon Europe program, and therefore wishes to offer an upgrade opportunity to its researchers or engineers, to increase the chances of success of an application as Coordinator, or better contribute to the proposals in which the Organization is included as Partners.


Our standard training offer in Proposal Writing for RIA/IA/CSA consists of 2 training days. The on-site version consists of 7 hours of training per day, for a total of 14 hours. The online version consists of 4 hours per day, for a total of 8 hours.

By adopting a pragmatic didactic approach enriched by examples and exercises, the training course evolves from the basic notions to the greater complexities of each section of the application form.

On the first day, we will deal with the programmatic context of Pillar 2, with the definition of the fundamental notions of Key Strategic Orientations (KSO), Clusters, Destinations, Topics, and Call for Proposal, in order to place the project idea in the necessary policy context implemented by the Donor. You learn to break down the Call for proposal into its components, and to verify their correspondence to the project idea.  Yet, on the first day, we appreciate the complexity of the path that leads from a go-decision to the submission of the proposal, through all the phases necessary to ensure that the consortium is complete, solid, involved, participatory and that the initial idea of a “Coordinator” becomes the project of many partners (so-called “institutional buy-in”).

On the second day, each section of the application form is analyzed in the very detail, ensuring a profound and complete understanding of the information required by the donor, and the way it should be provided.

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